1 Day more: Holiday Photo Card Ideas


photo card

Make this holiday a fun and memorable by taking crazy loads of pictures of you and your friends and family. Here is a great collection of ideas by Pinterest you can try!



2 Days more: Have Yourself A Greeny Little Christmas


Eco friendly gift wrapped in recycled paper surround by green plants

Ditch the traditional ‘red and white’ and go green instead, this Christmas! Here are some ideas that you can start with as part of your new holiday traditions!

1. Buy locally made gifts – Check out your local street market for beautifully Malaysian handmade goods!
2. Save any special gift wrap, ribbons, and bows – You can reuse them for another occasion or stash them in your craft box.
3. Choose alternatives to commercial gift wrap – Give old comics, calendars, fabric or even maps another life.
4. Give an experience gift – Experience is totally environmentally friendly and does not create waste.
5. Re’gift’ing – Get rid of those old unused gifts from this year and the past by passing it to someone who will give it a better home and better use. It’s totally OKAY.


3 Days more: Gift Ideas for Men


We try not to neglect the male population in our community. This gift guide list include items that may not be available in Malaysia but that’s what the Internet is for! Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a wish list for the next gift-giving day.

gift men

Cool Material has a long list of really cool things for the men in your lives that even some women would want! Click here to go there!


5 Days more: Last Minute Shopping


Let’s be real, we’re all last minute people. But sometimes that’s not always a bad thing. Okay so the store ran out of that bedsheet you wanted to get your mother or that pretty dress you wanted to get your girlfriend.

Boston.com have suggestions for last minute gift suggestions that include movie tickets, self-made coupons, premium chocolate, and food basket!

Think out of the box, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of simple ideas for last minute gifts! Leave a comment of your suggestions!



Discover yourself through teaching!


CultureRun turns one in January! All next month (January 2013) list your class or workshop on CultureRun and enjoy only 1% commission rate, so you keep 99% of your ticket sales! Only for a month and your class or workshop has to fall on the month of January.

Proposals have to be submitted before January the 3rd to be considered.

Submit your proposal here

Terms and conditions:

– Classes or Workshops must fall in the month of January
– If you don’t have a venue, the RM20 venue admin fee for us to search and book a venue for you still applies


6 days more: Mini burgers Recipe




We all want to be great cooks and chefs and pretend we’re celebrity chefs in our own kitchen. Instead of giving yourself a daunting task of making something complicated and too-fancy-to-eat, why not try this mini burger recipe that will surely be a great addition to your roast chicken and other ‘lauk-pauk’! If you’re vegetarian, we reckon beetroot and potato patties (ala begedil) and  mushrooms would be great substitutes! This recipe calls for things that you can find already in your pantry and fridge. If not, they are available at your local supermarket. Mini burger buns could be tricky to find so good quality dinner rolls would do just fine.

FOOD TIP: Remember to consider your guests’ food concerns e.g. halal, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, etc.

Click on this link to find out how to make Jamie Oliver’s Burgers & Sliders!

Leave your shopping tips in the comment below, if you have any!