Teacher Features: Mimpi Murni

 DIY Floral Crowns for Weddings, Bridal Showers or Parties. Register here


CultureRun’s celebration of Earth Day features two exclusive ShareShops. The first, on Saturday, April 26th, is a DIY: Earth Goddess Floral Crown ShareShop where participants will learn how to make a floral crown out of fresh flowers. We met up with the teacher of this Shareshop, event stylist, floral designer, graphic designer and owner of Mimpi Murni, Murni Roslim to learn more about her!




Tell us about your background, what is your story? 

I’ve always been making things and teaching myself new crafts as far back as I can remember with the support of my mother and creative input of my father. I think, being of mixed parentage and travelling extensively from childhood, opened my eyes to the many possibilities and beautiful things this world has to offer. I love sharing my discoveries and ideas with others.


What does Earth Day mean to you?murniblog2

Earth day, to me, is a day we all need to remember to thank Mother Nature and to repay her kindness. Preferably, this shouldn’t just be a day but practiced throughout the year!


What could we do to make the Earth a better place?

Firstly, people should stop littering! Another simple thing to practice is going meatless for one day a week.


As someone who has learned much of her craft through self-learning, what drives you to be passionate and motivated?

I am the kind of person who will try anything (within reason!) at least once and if I am really drawn to something I will keep working on it till I am happy with the outcome. Then its time to move on to another idea or project! As for motivation; simply knowing all the beautiful things were made by people just like, makes me dream of the possibilities I can achieve with my own two hands. This is motivation enough!


Tell us about the history behind Mimpi Murni and what got you interested in flower decorating. 

I started Mimpi Murni by making jewellery with vintage parts and selling them through my blog. It was faimurniblog5rly successful for something that started as a hobby and I started to consign some of my pieces through a popular e-commerce site.  When a client of ours was about to celebrate their one year anniversary with a large ecent they incited me to help them deocrate it and that, simply put, started my career in event styling which naturally led to my love for floral arranging.


Is there any motto or mantra that you live by that you would like to share with our readers?

Do not be afraid to try anything, at least once, because you might surprise yourself and most important, do not stop learning!


Interested in learning from the gorgeous Murni? Learn how to make a floral crown perfect for weddings, parties or just to add a casual bohemian touch to any outfit!  Head on over to www.culturerun.com to sign up for DIY: Earth Goddess Floral Crown! 


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