Learn to take your holiday with you

A late Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year my dears! How are you coping with your holiday withdrawals? Have you already started planning your next getaway so you’ve got something to look forward to? Well aside from that, I think I’ve discovered how you can prolong/call upon that holiday feeling as and when you need…intrigued? Good, but don’t get too excited, the last thing I want is to hype it up and not deliver! 🙂
Different from the other times I’ve been in New Zealand, this trip, I learnt a whole bunch of new skills, yes, they were mostly food related but I realised that they are so much more transferable than any amount of ‘stuff’ I could buy while on holiday. For example, I learnt to make pizza dough and it was so much fun and so simple that I’ll definitely be making it again…I’m sure when I’m back into the routine and hustle and bustle of regular life that it’ll give me a little getaway without even having to leave my home!
photo 2
It’s totally possible I think to find elements of your holiday that you can incorporate into everyday life and have these mini-vacation-moments…learning a new skill while you’re away is the easiest way I reckon! But of course, there are other ways…When I went away to Phuket last, I was sitting by the pool and the music blaring out of the sound system was both relaxing but catchy at the same time…I looked it up and to this day, I still play it when I need a time out after a long day.
Not a fan of new year’s resolutions but this is a general theme I’ll be taking away from my holiday this year!
What about you?
Xoxo Miss Deb

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