7 days more: Stress Free Hosting tips




Hosting a holiday party can indeed be stressful but if you plan ahead of time, a lot of the load can easily be managed. If you feel you can’t do all of the work, remember it’s okay to delegate! I’ve summarised these helpful and practical ‘secrets’ from HGTV! You could also make a checklist of these tips:

1. Make a list – List down ALL of the things you need to get done. Having them brew in your head is just going to clutter the whole planning process.

2. Cook ahead – Do as much as you can ahead of time!

3. Stock up – Stock your pantry and fridge with extra nibbles. (I once went to a holiday party whose host gave expensive leftover cheese to their guests! Thankyouverymuch)

4. Keep drinks on hand – Have a variety of drinks stocked up too.

5. Simplify your decorations – Keep it simple yet interesting.

6. Keep it tidy – Chuck everything into am organized set of bins or containers.

7. Be comfortable – Make your party a buffet style or something casual like sitting on beanbags or on the floor instead of at the table.

8. Put some music on – Music create ambience. Choose appropriately. Some jazz would be perfect.

9. Open your house – Let your guests know they can drop by any time within the party hours. This way they can still come to enjoy your party!

10. Party favours – Give back to your guests as a ‘thank you’ for their company. Something small yet meaningful is better than bulky and unusable.

11. Wrap your gifts – Wrap  your gift – in ONE signature style. Simplify! It will save you time.

12. Your holiday, Your way – It’s your party anyway, so make new traditions!

If you’d like to add more tips, leave a comment!



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