Coffee should certainly be appreciated

“Coffee was originally drank for the caffeine benefits but nowadays people are drinking it for the taste.”
– Levi, The Bee Coffee Manager

I didn’t get to taste any coffee this time but learning about the different methods of brewing and (watching) the participants use the espresso machine was a valuable way to appreciate the effort into making a cup of coffee. Everything is put into consideration – temperature of water, type of beans, grinding machine, ratio of coffee to water in a serving, and even the TYPE of water used to make coffee.

It was an informative, very hands-on ShareShop that had the participants giggling and challenging themselves. Sara and Izwan, both representatives from  one of our partners, Dana Belia, were there to enjoy their first CultureRun Experience!

Check out these photos to see what went down.

Everyone says ‘Hi’ to each other and put on smiles for the camera. Then get down to some coffee business.

The participants were divided into two stations:
1. Brewed Coffee
2. Espresso Machine

Tasting coffee!
Tip: Stir your espresso before drinking it or it will taste BITTER!

Groups switch stations. What a treat!

A couple of several brewing vessels that you may use at home for that perfect cup of coffee.
Just add hot water to ground coffee beans.

Sara makes her Espresso in 3 steps:
1. Grind coffee beans and place in espresso machine
2. Froth the milk
3. Enjoy the drink

Obligatory group photo 🙂

Levi, the Coffee dude, shared some wonderful tips that I hadn’t known the whole time I was being a coffee drinker. For example, brewed coffee should taste good WITHOUT sugar.

The participants really enjoyed this ShareShop as I did too. Catch the next Coffee Appreciation ShareShop!

By Your Community Developer


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