Public Access To The Malaysian Constitution

Here’s a hefty read!

It was a great response last Sunday at Sunway Giza’s Fullhouse for ‘Know Your Rights: Stereotypes and Taking Charge’ Shareshop, the first part of a two-series Shareshop by MyConstitution.

Culturerun is pleased to be able to provide the platform for organisations like MyConstitution to reach out and share their knowledge and information with members of the general public.

The 3-hour Shareshop welcomed a group of young college students, some of whom were studying law, and a few curious and concerned citizen members. The interactive format of the Shareshop allowed the diverse group of participants to engage with one another to collect shared and some opposing perspectives on a hypothetical task game.

The crowd warming up and grouped! (Photo courtesy of Jonah Sia)

Speaker Firdaus Husni lays down the constitution and participants speak out. (Photo courtesy of Jonah Sia)

All geared up with smiles ready for the next part of the series!

The team with Firdaus Husni. (Photo courtesy of Jonah Sia)

Here are some quotes the young and more ‘mature’ participants.

Wong Jia Hui, 19, HELP

“I found Culturerun useful. I can increase my knowledge and network. I enjoyed the shareshop!”

Calvin, 20, HELP

“ I heard about this event through our students’ law Facebook page. I think this was a good workshop because it makes you feel that you are well protected by the constitution. As law students, we want to know our rights, how we are going to protect ourselves. I’ll come next week!

Learning it at college is different with the lecturer and students. It’s more interactive [through] here – you can meet more people, it’s more hands-on, share views, listen to other people’s views, and that is quite important to me.”

Ashwin, 20, HELP

“No complaints. I thought it was a great session and I’ll come next week. [This setting] is more open compared to a college [setting] where it’s more ‘study’. There’s more opportunity to interact with people and have a different perspective from a lawyer, and also other people’s perspectives.”

Michael Leow

“I heard of Culturerun through the emails that you send out. Everybody, especially the youth should learn more about the [constitution’s] fundamentals. It belongs to all of us.”

The Shareshop’s speaker, Firdaus Husni, was inspired to see that the participants signed up themselves, coming with a ‘curiosity to know and actually learn’. She hopes to see an even more diverse group of participants from all background and lifestyle that feel can benefit from a Shareshop like this.

Culturerun and Myconstitution are always looking out to provide a safe space and comfortable environment for the participants to be able to trust the group that they are with.

The next part of the series, Know Your Rights: Our Constitution vs The Universal Declaration, is already filled up with returning participants!

By your Community Developer 


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