Do you like bananas?

I’m pretty sure, unless you live under a nice, big, moss-covered rock, you heard/saw/read about the young couple and their video. I’m also sure you’re tired of hearing every man and their dog’s opinion on the matter. Don’t worry, that’s not happening here today.

Regardless of your POV on the matter, my question for you is…why? Why do you feel that way? Okay, I can hear you asking me, why is it important? I promise I have a point to make so bear with me and read on.

“Have you heard the story of the five monkeys in a cage? It goes like this. Five monkeys are thrown in a cage by a sadistic monkey-hater. Enough food and water is available at the bottom of the cage, saving them from starvation while forcing them to lead a boring life of staring through the glass every day. The food at the bottom is bad, but sufficient. At the top of the cage, however, a large stalk of bananas alluringly waits. Conveniently, a ladder at the top has been provided by the sadist.

After getting over the shock of being caged, one of the monkey scales the ladder and reaches for a banana. All of a sudden a fire hose appears from nowhere. The monkey at the top is soaked with cold water, but not only him – all of the other monkeys are soaked as well.

Over the next few days the experience repeats itself several times. The monkeys reluctantly accept the fate of living without bananas.

Then one day the experiment changes. The sadist takes one monkey out of the cage and replaces him with another one. Not knowing the consequence of being doused with cold water, the new monkey immediately begins to scale the ladder in pursuit of a banana, the rest of the monkeys pull her down before she reaches the top, and the troop settles in again.

The next day another monkey is replaced, then another, and the process repeats itself: the new monkey lunges for the bananas, gets pulled down, and adapts. After five days, no monkey from the original troop remains, and no monkey has ever been soaked with cold water – but every monkey knows they are not supposed to climb the ladder. One of the monkeys finally asks, “Hey, why can’t we eat bananas?” The others shrug and say, “We’re not sure – we just know we can’t.”

(This excerpt is taken from one of my favorite books this year, The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – I highly recommend it!)

Do you feel the way you do because someone told you that that was the ‘right’ way to feel? Or have you looked into the facts and made up your own mind? Knowing the “why” is important…otherwise, are you ready to willingly accept the fate of living without bananas? (Yes that means no banana splits or grilled bananas on pancakes, ack the horror!)

Miss Deb

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