Festive cocktails!

There’s no getting away from it, the end of the year can be a boozy time. Office parties, drinks with friends, after work stress relieving drinks. It can indeed be a very unhealthy time of the year. Here’s a somewhat ‘healthy’ festive cocktail recipe from myrecipes.com that won’t completely disrupt all that hard work you spent at the gym:

Pomegranate Cocktail

  • 2 cups pomegranate juice
  • 1 1/2 cups vodka
  • 1 cup grenadine
  • 1 cup fresh blood orange juice (about 2 oranges)
  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Serve over ice.

Vodka is renowned as the ultimate low- calorie alcoholic drink [typically 59 calories]. It also has a low congener content – the toxins that contribute to a hangover.

Or if you really can’t be stuffed with the effort of purchasing ingredients and making your own. Head on over to Monin’s Cocktail Tasting and Mixology Class this Sunday at Ben’s Independent Grocer! You will spend a boozy Sunday afternoon learning how to make 3 cocktails and 3 mocktails. Now that’s what we call a great way to end a weekend!

Registration is open now on CultureRun and closes on Saturday (Dec 1st)


Do you feel like a fake?

In light of CultureRun Co-founder Su-Zen’s TedxYouth Talk on Vulnerability,
Miss Debs writes on congruence and speaking honestly in a culture that eschews it:

I went to pay my cell phone bill the other day and there was, what I like to call an ‘unnecessary’ queue. You know the one, often seen at departmental stores during peak hours when no one thinks to open another counter, yeah, that one! Anyway, it got so bad that I decided I’d leave and come back.

When I did, there was a lady in front of me so I asked her if she was waiting and she told me to go first. So I stood at the front of the line waiting to be served. To my amazement, I seemed to have turned invisible ‘cos the sales girl wouldn’t make eye contact or serve me. So I tried, I said excuse me…but I got ignored until she finally broke the spell and could see me. I admit that by this time irritation had set in, the bill came to RM196.30 so I handed over RM200. She asked gruffly if I had 30 cents, I was feeling around my purse for coins when she asked, once again gruffly, if I had RM1 too…so I said, “What do you have?” At which point she decided to raise her voice and rant about how busy she’s been so I calmly replied “I noticed you’ve been busy, I’ve come by twice now but having change and treating customers nicely, thats all part of your job right?” Silence.

Why did I bother with that conversation you ask? It’s not going to change anything you say? Well, I did it for me. A little while ago, I learnt about congruence. At the time, I felt resentful and detached and couldn’t figure out why. I started reading Brendon Burchard’s The Charge (which if you are feeling what I was feeling, will definitely offer clarity). One of things he talks about is when you feel a certain way but what you say or portray to the world doesn’t reflect how you feel, in time, it could become the source of a lot of your unhappiness. For example, you were unhappy with a meal you received at a restaurant but when the waiter came round to ask if everything was okay, you said yes. This is how I see it, you just dismissed yourself…you dismissed your true feelings like it didn’t matter, what mattered was that you did what society would have you do and that is: Not rock the boat. But in truth, you are allowed to feel exactly how you feel!

When you practice congruence (the big kid word for ‘saying what you mean and meaning what you say’), you create a balance of energy between the person you are and the person the world sees; the latter needs to mirror the former for you to feel grounded, un-fake and at peace. All we ever want is to be accepted exactly the way we are; to know that we matter. You should know that you can do that for yourself, just by trying a little congruence.

Miss Deb

image credit: myopenkimono

The CultureRun Christmas Gift Guide

The CultureRun Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas sorted for under RM100

From classic cocktail lessons to gimmick-free accessories. Find anything suitable for your friends and family here. We are promoting a handmade and skill based Christmas this year!

Ho Hot tea!

Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendar

Enjoy a different brew every day until Christmas
Sick of those Advent Calenders, where the opening of those little doors will feature a festive extravaganza of slightly stale chocolate animals? Yea so are we, we’d much rather count down to Christmas with rooibos and assam. Learn how to make this clever little tea advent calender with The Tea Republic Founder Sumita to give as pre christmas gifts to delight your friends and family.
Register at www.culturerun.comDec 1st  2012 3-5pm.

Create Your Own Christmas Tea Blend
For the ci’tea’zen looking to express their crea’tea’vity
As much as coffee has taken KL city by storm, we still think most KL-ites still have a soft spot for a nice cup of tea. This Christmas season learn how to create a personalised christmas tea blend to spend those rainy days indoors sipping away at, or give them away to friends and family to enjoy with your personalised stamp on it of course. This ShareShop will include all packaging for your personalised blend. Dec 1st 1130am-1pm.


Cocktails with Monin Syrup
Learn how to make a decent tipple in this boozy workshop
The festive season will be in full swing, the parties will be coming in thick-and-fast, so there’s a good chance you’ll be hosting one. Learn how to make cocktails that will loosen up the frostiest of crowds or even just to ease your festive season stress. We guarantee you that at least numerous times over the festive season you’ll need a good drink to de-stress. Dec 2nd 2012 3pm-5pm.



Bookbinding – Coptic Binding
Learn how to bind your own book!
Moleskine’s don’t hold a candle to a solid book bound with your own two hands. In this ShareShop learn how to make a wonderfully personalised gift that is suitable for anyone. Gift it as a journal, sketchbook, album or fancy notebook. Or keep it for yourself, so when 2013 rolls around you have a beautiful hand bound book to fill with your thoughts, photos or to-do lists. Handmade and personalised, it’s sure to be a keepsake gift for years to come. Dec 1st 1030am-130pm.


Crochet Series – Christmas Ornaments
Learn to create crocheted Christmas ornaments!
Why not be unique this Christmas and make your own hand crafted ornaments to give as gifts? Crocheted snowflakes, wreaths, and baubles would make adorable decorations on your tree this holiday season that will make your friends go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, and even, ‘make one for me!’ In this ShareShop, you will learn the basic knitting techniques to get you started on making an array of crocheted ornaments. Just bring your own yarn. Dec 9th 3pm-5pm.


Petite Jewelry Courses For Petite People
Let your little ones make their own little creation
Encourage your kids to learn how to bead their own jewelry in this fun ShareShop specially designed for them. They will experience handling the tools of jewelry making and also creating their own unique necklaces or bracelets to give to their friends and family. This two-part ShareShop series (Part 1 & Part 2) provides all the materials that are safe and easy to use. Your kids will be supervised so you could enjoy a little alone time! Dec 15th 330pm-5pm.


Urban Hacking: Make Your Own Sun Jar
Light up your Christmas with your very own hand made Christmas lights!
Fairy lights are a thing of the past. Start a new tradition by making your own sun jar that lights up by itself when it gets dark! This solar-powered lighting device made from household items will beautifully decorate your garden and walkways and makes an environmentally friendly gift for a friend or loved one. In this ShareShop, you will not only be provided with materials but also learn other ways of utilising of your sun jar! Dec 2nd 4pm-6pm.


Moves Like Flapper!: Solo 20’s Charleston
Dance away this holiday season!
What good is a holiday party without music and what way best to take advantage of that music than dancing! Ladies, bring a girlfriend along and learn how to move like a Gatsby Girl to Charleston music. In this ShareShop, you will learn a truly American popular vintage dance that will sure fancy up that dress-up party even more with cutesy and crazy moves. Dec 9th 430pm-6pm.



Register for all classes and workshops (ShareShops) at www.culturerun.com

Christmas workshops and classes in Kuala Lumpur with B.I.G

Christmas in Kuala Lumpur just got a whole lot more exciting!

CultureRun in collaboration with Ben’s Independent Grocer present Rudolph’s Food Factory!

A host of Christmas themed workshops and classes in Kuala Lumpur for the whole month of December! There is something suitable for all ages. Pop your kids at the kids baking class where they will learn how to make gingerbread men or ease the festive stress and learn how to prepare for the festive season the fun way! From learning how to cook a complete Christmas Dinner all the way to mixing your own Christmas Cocktails!

Visit www.culturerun.com to register and for the full list of workshops and classes available. 

Press release: Free workshop places!



In the spirit of giving this holiday season, CultureRun in partnership with Dana Belia 1Malaysia will be offering free places in CultureRun’s Christmas ShareShops (classes and workshops that teach a variety of skills) for underprivileged youths this December

Charities and non-governmental organisations that work with youths are encouraged to apply for free places in these ShareShops by writing to Suwen Low (suwen@culturerun.com).

Some activities planned include making Christmas ornaments, beatboxing, making gingerbread houses and crafting jewellery. Please note that classes are open to youths aged 15 and above, and will be conducted in English.

These free places will come from the RM100,000 grant received from Dana Belia 1Malaysia. The cost and length of each ShareShop varies, and materials will be provided. Interested parties are urged to contact CultureRun early to avoid disappointment.

To date, CultureRun has offered more than 45 free places to underprivileged youths from various organisations in beatboxing, hip-hop, sketching and craft-related ShareShops with help from corporate partners property developers Bolton Bhd and Premier Consortium Sdn Bhd, as well as My Harapan Youth Action Grant and the Dana Belia grant.

This is what former ShareShop students have to say about their experience:

Noor Fauziah Ismail – Dignity for Children Foundation

“I was selected by my teacher to join this workshop of speed sketching class for the very first time, as she knew that I love arts such as drawing and sketching.This is the most wonderful experience

I had so far. Miss Suwen had taught me different type of sketching as well as tips on how to draw. It is effective for me because I got a chance to learn proper way of sketching and drawing. Besides that, I also get to meet with different people and know more about them. They are very friendly as well as helpful. Thank you CultureRun for giving me a chance to learn and thanks to my teacher too for bringing me there.” 

Sian Maman – Dignity for Children Foundation

“I like this workshop because the teacher taught the basics and is accurate. Also the teacher was nice and friendly.I learned important things and steps that are helpful at drawing and sketching. Now, I can use them when I draw anything.”

N Wai Lung – Dignity for Children Foundation

“I like this workshop because I had an opportunity to communicate with a lot of people. It helps me to improve my speed sketching. I wish I could join the class again some other time.”

Han Lay – Dignity for Children Foundation

“The workshop was cool! I’ve learned about sketching and now I’m start working with my own book!!! :)”


About CultureRun

As South East Asia’s first skll sharing platform, CultureRun stems from a simple belief: to make the sharing of skills easy, fun and passion-led. We believe that people are curious creatures, and are always yearning to do more, learn more, experience more and discover more. But what if, you have no idea how to go about it?

That’s where CultureRun comes in.

We understand that it’s difficult constantly trying to find new things to do, and it is a chore just trying to keep up to date on the various workshops and classes (ShareShops) that may be happening around the city (right now we are only in the Klang Valley)

That’s why we offer a platform that makes it easy to try something new and share what you love. The way we do this is through a community marketplace of classes, connecting people who want to learn new skills, with those looking to share their skills.  From Sushi classes to Jewellery workshops and Public Speaking classes to Fitness workshops our philosophy is to give learning back to the community. We aim to make learning a lifestyle; sort of like how watching movies, drinking bubble tea and sitting in Starbucks has become one.

About Dana Belia 1Malaysia

Dana Belia 1Malaysia (Dana Belia) is a RM20-million grant funded by Yayasan 1MDB aimed at providing youths aged between 15 and 40 with a platform to express their hopes, ideas and creativity through projects that promote unity.

Launched on 21 January 2011, Dana Belia is the brainchild of YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

For more information on Dana Belia and how to apply, visit http://www.danabelia.com.my or email danabelia@1mdb.com.my.  Get info and updates on Facebook (www.facebook.com/DanaBelia) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/danabelia).
To secure ShareShop places and inquiries, please contact:

Suwen Low


Visit www.culturerun.com for more information.