My ShareShop Experience: Christina

One of our participants Christina shares her experience attending a CultureRun ShareShop!

I’ve always treated weekends as little islands of time where I attempt as much as possible to escape from the Monday-Friday cycle of corporate work life. Thus I often turn to Culturerun to give me some of my ideal ‘escape’ moments, which don’t require a plane ticket and hotel booking.

Given my attempts at baking all the way from High School until now (coming from someone who doesn’t actually have an oven in her house), I have learnt certain things along the way:

What I learnt

1) Anything requiring chocolate, butter and sugar is an automatic win

2) Baking is as much an art as a science

3) It is always fun!

Given all the above, the Culturerun – BIG Group – ROYCE – ChefinaHat collaboration was already a win in my books!

At 3 pm I found myself seated in BIG’s awesome masak-masak corner for the 3rd part of the four part series of Chocolate ShareShops this month. The theme was ‘sweet and salty’. Believe me, for a salted caramel fan this was definitely where I wanted to be this weekend.

‘Abang Brian’ or Brian Chen – CultureRun’s resident Chef in a Hat (with maybe a rabbit someday popping out) – welcomed us and provided the humour always critical when you mix strangers with pots and pans, mess and require them to create something edible at the end of it. After a little introduction and team sorting we got down to business.

First on the menu was the Potato Chip Brownie! A basic brownie recipe with a twist of potato chips for the topping. Given the complexity of having 4 teams of 3, a common table for ingredient sharing and boiling water to top it all off, we navigated the chopping and measuring and bain-marie-ing with no casualties, working with and around each other like the pros all of us are.

Being quite a ‘kiasu’ (someone with a constant need to be in first place all the tiem!) person, my team of course, was the first to finish the mixing of everything and proceeded to sprinkle potato chips on top of the mix before being gently reminded by Brian that the oven had yet to be pre-heated and therefore our chips would get soggy. Oops. Over-enthusiasm sometimes doesn’t help! But eventually we got the brownies in there!

Next on the menu after the washing and cleaning was our Tiramisu Trifle. Did you know that Tiramisu means ‘pick-me-up’ in Italian? I certainly didn’t, although I’m not sure anybody WOULD be able to pick me up after I’d scoffed it all down.

This one called for a whole huge dollop of Mascaporne Cheese and heavy cream and sugar and espresso granules and crumbled Oreos…oh lord, I need the gym. But it was definitely worth it! Simple little dessert with no baking required, but totally presentable for the next house dinner party.

After that we had a little taste test with Royce products, marshmallows with chocolate, chips with chocolate, cornflake with chocolate, and my absolute favourite – coffee with chocolate! …mmm totally awesome pairings in general.

In all, I couldn’t ask for a better time to spend my Saturday. Thanks Culturerun for another wonderful shareshop and to Brian for being a great teacher, can’t wait to see what’s next!

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