A spooky secret weapon

by Miss Debs

Oh I miss the days when it was perfectly normal (albeit encouraged) to dress up in elaborate costumes and make up equally elaborate background stories. Try that as an adult? No thank you, I’d prefer not to have a straight jacket with my name on it. But wait, isn’t there one day of the year when all bets are off? Ah, Halloween, you make my inner child rejoice.

I still remember the year I went as the ghost of a murderous housewife, complete with bloody tea towel and blood-stained rolling pin. That was the same year that my friend Andrew transformed himself into a crazy zombie scientist and cleverly wore a torn up surgical glove covered in ‘blood’ which really looked like skin that was flapping around and ready to fall off! (That’s Andrew on the left! Our other friend didn’t quite get the right shade of ‘blood’ so he ended up looking like a still-kinda-scary orange-coloured smurf!)

With only 2 weeks and 1 day to go, have you given any thought as to what you’ll go as this Halloween? If your answer is nothing, not sure or I don’t know, please turn around so I can spank you. You only get one chance a year!
Okay, okay, I get that you feel it’s daunting or too much effort so let me bestow on you the most important thing you will ever need to know about awesome Halloween costumes – it’s all in the scars! You could be dressed as a teacher, cheerleader or soccer player for all I care, but add a scar or two and a generous serving of fake blood and suddenly you’re the real-est, creepiest creature to ever come back from the dead.

So, let’s try this again, what scary abomination are you gonna be this Halloween?


Miss Deb


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