Our very first ShareShop

It’s been a YEAR since CultureRun launched our very first tester ShareShop! Time has flown by so quickly! At that time we weren’t even sure it was a concept that would work. Back then we had no website, no capital and absolutely no clue if what we planned to do would even work. We were two girls, with an idea and a bunch of willing and supportive friends and family.

We roped in a dear friend of mine; Simon, who was then a fashion student in London on holiday back in KL and convinced him to be our guinea pig, to teach the first CultureRun ShareShop. Thankfully he was excited about the idea and with less than 2 weeks to plan we threw ourselves full force into organizing the ShareShop and marketing it. No one even knew CultureRun existed then.

The first ShareShop was made out of old and new friends who kindly came to support us. We had friends that willingly volunteered their services as a photographer (the talented Stacy), a model – Serena who turned out to work for CultureRun as our very first Community Developer, friends that attended the ShareShop and brought along their own friends. They wanted to see it happen as much as we did, and the sense of warmth and community spirit was overwhelming.

It was this first stepping stone that spurred us on, it wasn’t the money, the content taught or even the response that formed the basis of CultureRun; it was the people. The desire within them to want to learn more, be more and discover more.

We would never want to lose sight of the dream and simple ideology that formed CultureRun. CultureRun is more than just a platform to learn and share, it is a place of support, ideas and dreams made reality.

We realized it’s not always about having the right answers, but being brave enough to chase the uncertain.

We had a big idea, but it took the even bigger hearts and minds of the community to have made it happen for us. Thank you for inspiring us and helping us realize that in life, nothing is impossible. We want to continue to inspire you to dream big, to be passionate and to share that passion.

Shake loose your dreams and do not limit your passion, ideas and purpose.

Here is a video of our very first ShareShop, enjoy



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