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A chocolate-y affair like no other!

CultureRun in Collaboration with Royce, Chef in a Hat and the BIG Group!

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Part 1: The Art of Pairing Chocolates with Coffee
Part 2: Cooking with Chocolate: Fruity and Nutty Desserts
Part 3: Cooking with Chocolate: Salty and Sweet Desserts
Part 4: Drinks with ROYCE: Wine Pairing


Ideas to Action


Why be the person complaining that it’s not happening? We decided to just make it happen and we thought the worst thing that will come of it is failure. – Steve Cober of Magic Pony

All people we call brilliant and visionaries today, went through an enormous amount of failure to get where they are. Einstein was expelled from school and wrote countless of papers that no one referenced, Picasso had 20,000 over paintings not all of them a success. Henry Ford went bankrupt 5 times before he founded Ford Motors, Walt Disney was told “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Oprah, that she was  “unfit for tv.”

There are some exceptions to the rule, but most ideas started out as a tiny conviction that most probably no one but the founder themselves believed in.

It takes hard work, dedication and guts to pursue that idea and turn it into a reality. Define the smallest step that you can think of to get your idea started, the risks that you are willing to take for it, and then go for it! Be brave! You have to convince yourself that your idea will work, before you can convince other people. If you don’t have the courage to take risks in your own idea, how else are other people going to believe in it?

Our very first ShareShop

It’s been a YEAR since CultureRun launched our very first tester ShareShop! Time has flown by so quickly! At that time we weren’t even sure it was a concept that would work. Back then we had no website, no capital and absolutely no clue if what we planned to do would even work. We were two girls, with an idea and a bunch of willing and supportive friends and family.

We roped in a dear friend of mine; Simon, who was then a fashion student in London on holiday back in KL and convinced him to be our guinea pig, to teach the first CultureRun ShareShop. Thankfully he was excited about the idea and with less than 2 weeks to plan we threw ourselves full force into organizing the ShareShop and marketing it. No one even knew CultureRun existed then.

The first ShareShop was made out of old and new friends who kindly came to support us. We had friends that willingly volunteered their services as a photographer (the talented Stacy), a model – Serena who turned out to work for CultureRun as our very first Community Developer, friends that attended the ShareShop and brought along their own friends. They wanted to see it happen as much as we did, and the sense of warmth and community spirit was overwhelming.

It was this first stepping stone that spurred us on, it wasn’t the money, the content taught or even the response that formed the basis of CultureRun; it was the people. The desire within them to want to learn more, be more and discover more.

We would never want to lose sight of the dream and simple ideology that formed CultureRun. CultureRun is more than just a platform to learn and share, it is a place of support, ideas and dreams made reality.

We realized it’s not always about having the right answers, but being brave enough to chase the uncertain.

We had a big idea, but it took the even bigger hearts and minds of the community to have made it happen for us. Thank you for inspiring us and helping us realize that in life, nothing is impossible. We want to continue to inspire you to dream big, to be passionate and to share that passion.

Shake loose your dreams and do not limit your passion, ideas and purpose.

Here is a video of our very first ShareShop, enjoy


Come Work With Us!

Do you like meeting new people, organizing fun events and being a part of changing the learning environment?

We are looking for a new Community Developer

We are a startup so responsibilities can vary from day to day. Tasks range from content writing, meeting and interacting with the community (eg.teachers, students and venue partners) to minor admin work. We need someone who is flexible and can handle change at short notice.

Applicants must enjoy working with people, be proactive and extremely organized (if anyone has described you as running a tight ship then we are looking for you!) I can’t emphasize this part enough: we need someone who is efficient, always three steps ahead and can make themselves indispensable on our team. Potential for growth in salary and hours.

Skills needed: strong interpersonal and people skills, good writing abilities

Preferable skills (although not necessary): Design skills (ability to use photoshop or illustrator)

A good sense of humour is also a bonus! 🙂

Interested? Send all CV’s to

Goodbye for now

My dearest CultureRun Family,

It saddens me to have to write this as my time at CultureRun has come to an end. I thought about doing a “Top moments at CultureRun” post but the task of trying to pull out specific moments from my five months here was difficult beyond belief. So here I am just keeping things short and simple.

I am leaving CultureRun. My 5 months has been absolutely amazing and honestly speaking I would not trade the experience for the world. When I started out at CultureRun I did not think that I would be so filled with sorrow to leave the company. I did not even know what a Community Developer even meant! I merely thought this was a way to fill the time until I left to pursue my masters this September.

The job has been demanding for a newbie like me. Being the first Community Developer CultureRun had, Su-zen, Suwen and I had to figure out the job first-hand. We had to learn how to “develop the community” so to speak. My job expanded to give me experiences I honestly never thought I would have ever had. The stress, the mistakes, the craziness, the unnecessarily long-winded team meetings, the laughter and the tears. Every moment has been worth it. Every moment has made me learn something new about myself and the community around me. I have learned what I want to do with my life, I have gained new friends and I have created a new family (the same family I spoke about in my earlier quite depressing, let’s be honest with ourselves, post).

Like I keep telling everyone, CultureRun is the kid I randomly adopted and have grown to love like she is my own.

CultureRun was just a baby five months ago. The company has grown so much since then and never have I been so proud of a group of people and of the work that we have done together. We have launched and carried out a community campaign, we have branched out into new areas and we have made our mark upon the KL scene. Suz and Suwen I am so proud of the both of you and of how far you have come. I feel honored to be have been a part of the initial stages of the company. Sidenote, the tears are coming – its that pesky throat aching feeling I mentioned before!

The last 5 months have been ridiculously up and down and to be quite frank, slightly cheesy and ever so over the top, I could not have done this without my team – especially Su-zen and Suwen. We started out as a four person team (Sky you will always be remembered as one of the two original Community Developers!) who were still trying to find a balance. We expanded to five members (Chuan your penchant for cool and collected will never be forgotten!) and I am now leaving our six member team with immense sadness. I would thank each one of them individually, however the cheesiness would just overflow into a gooey mess. So all I have to say is Akmal, Jing, WeiLi, Suwen and Su-Zen, you have been an amazing team both professionally and personally (you were my family and support center when I needed it the most) and I love each one of you like WeiLi loves her coffee, Jing loves her bubble tea and like Suz loves her ribbons and tea parties.

Amazing analogy right guys? 😉

Finally, to all the teachers, venues and students. Continue learning with CultureRun. The community we have built and that we are continuing to build together is a family. We are a small niche in KL (for now) and we can grow together to spread the learning love in a society that is so often close-minded. Your enthusiasm and support is so appreciated by us, we cannot often find ways to thank you enough. I will miss all of you incredibly!!

You have all touched my heart and I will never forget each and every one of you. Thank you to every one of you that sent me an email and/or text message wishing me good luck! Words cannot even begin to express how I feel! I felt like crying! Yes I cry very easily -_- Rest-assured I will be present every once in a while, in-between essays and deadlines, through guest posts on the blog. I could not leave you all completely!

I send my love and hugs to every one of you!

Until my next (and first) guest-post!

Serena ❤