New Features!

Hello there! Selamat Hari Raya and apologies for the week long maintenance break! Behind the scenes, our team have been busy tweaking and adding a few new fancy things here and there! We’re really excited to unveil a number of fine new features and pages on the CultureRun website!

Support Centre

Introducing CultureRun Cares Customer service is one of our top priorities, so to make things easier for you, we are excited to introduce CultureRun Cares our new support centre! We even have a cute logo for it! 🙂 With this, we hope to offer top quality support and solve any issues you have as effectively as possible. There are awesome resources there to help you plan your ShareShop as well. We have also introduced our new twitter support! For those of you who feel you can compress your inquiries to a 140 character limit, this is a quick and efficient way to get your questions answered. So hop on the CultureRun ambulance and let us come to your rescue! 🙂

Testimonial Page

Had a really awesome ShareShop, or met an amazing teacher and want to give props?
Share your ShareShop experience with the community. Our new testimonial page is a great way for students, teachers and venues to receive feedback on what you thought about the ShareShop. Use it to share the wonderful learning experience you had or, to offer constructive feedback so they know what to improve on in their next ShareShop! But remember to be positive and constructive in your feedback. We are here to build each other up, not to tear one another down. Constructive criticism is valuable, cynicism is toxic.

Community Ambassador

Are you interested in impacting change in this community?

Introducing CultureRun Community Ambassadors. If you are passionate about community and inspired by learning, our new Community Ambassador Program gives you a chance to get even more involved with the CultureRun community. Play an integral part in spreading the learning love! Already shouting CultureRun from the rooftops to your friends and family? You can earn some extra side dosh just by doing what you already do! Click here for more details and meet our first Community Ambassador Brian Chen.

We are committed to continually improving CultureRun to make learning easy, fun and passion-led. Be continually inspired by the people around you, and make use of the knowledge and skills that surround you, knowledge is after all earth’s greatest resource! 🙂
With each little step we take, we hope to move one step closer towards building a sharing community and making learning a lifestyle.

Over and out,

ps: do give us your feedback on the testimonial page and tell us what you think of the new features 🙂


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