New Features!

Hello there! Selamat Hari Raya and apologies for the week long maintenance break! Behind the scenes, our team have been busy tweaking and adding a few new fancy things here and there! We’re really excited to unveil a number of fine new features and pages on the CultureRun website!

Support Centre

Introducing CultureRun Cares Customer service is one of our top priorities, so to make things easier for you, we are excited to introduce CultureRun Cares our new support centre! We even have a cute logo for it! 🙂 With this, we hope to offer top quality support and solve any issues you have as effectively as possible. There are awesome resources there to help you plan your ShareShop as well. We have also introduced our new twitter support! For those of you who feel you can compress your inquiries to a 140 character limit, this is a quick and efficient way to get your questions answered. So hop on the CultureRun ambulance and let us come to your rescue! 🙂

Testimonial Page

Had a really awesome ShareShop, or met an amazing teacher and want to give props?
Share your ShareShop experience with the community. Our new testimonial page is a great way for students, teachers and venues to receive feedback on what you thought about the ShareShop. Use it to share the wonderful learning experience you had or, to offer constructive feedback so they know what to improve on in their next ShareShop! But remember to be positive and constructive in your feedback. We are here to build each other up, not to tear one another down. Constructive criticism is valuable, cynicism is toxic.

Community Ambassador

Are you interested in impacting change in this community?

Introducing CultureRun Community Ambassadors. If you are passionate about community and inspired by learning, our new Community Ambassador Program gives you a chance to get even more involved with the CultureRun community. Play an integral part in spreading the learning love! Already shouting CultureRun from the rooftops to your friends and family? You can earn some extra side dosh just by doing what you already do! Click here for more details and meet our first Community Ambassador Brian Chen.

We are committed to continually improving CultureRun to make learning easy, fun and passion-led. Be continually inspired by the people around you, and make use of the knowledge and skills that surround you, knowledge is after all earth’s greatest resource! 🙂
With each little step we take, we hope to move one step closer towards building a sharing community and making learning a lifestyle.

Over and out,

ps: do give us your feedback on the testimonial page and tell us what you think of the new features 🙂


I believe in purpose

Life is not confined to what you see at this moment in time and what you have seen everyday for the past few years.

It is about seeing above and beyond what time presents to you now. Because the present can always change. And this we know because we look at where everything was 20 years ago and we look at everything now and things are different.

Purpose. This Is a difficult word. Many view this as stagnant, as an end goal as something that is focused and hard to reach. But purpose is dynamic, purpose lies within life, not as ever changing as goals but can cover all the ground you will ever need to stand on. It may be hard to uncover,but have you ever given yourself the chance to do so?

I hope that through whatever I do with and without CultureRun, I can play a part in helping someone find just a bit of that purpose they were made for.

Because without purpose, life remains unfulfilled and empty. Is that the way we want to live? Remember, things can change, they have changed, but it depends on us to look above and beyond and have faith that the future will bring the change we may so desperately need.


19 things to do before September comes

Summer is almost coming to a close. Okay, so we clearly live in a country where summer never ends. It’s like a pesky girlfriend just constantly there nagging at our skin, making us feel a little uncomfortable, yet we summer-natives – as I like to call us – long for her when she’s gone. We cannot handle the solitude of winter, we miss the heat, the rain, humidity….but its okay to complain about her when we are stuck with her 365 days a year.

I suppose then,  for us, that period in between May and September signifies a social acceptance of the holiday months. The time when we should be out and about – holidaying in the tropics (as if we don’t live in the tropics already), or jet-setting across Europe or maybe even just venturing for a trip to Port Dickson. Summer is all about having a feel-good time and enjoying the heat … more than usual.

So before you go back to school, university, or maybe send your children to school or university? Or just go back to everyday work life as Merdeka ends, here are 19 things CultureRun believes YOU should do before summer ends … er…September rolls around.

1. Go to the beach.
Isn’t summer synonymous with the beach? Sun, sand, bikinis, seawater-drenched hair. Somehow the last one seems less than appealing. Nevertheless, take a trip even if it is to Penang! Sometimes a two-day beach vacay is the perfect getaway.

2. Go to a concert.
This one may be a bit hard. We know Maroon 5 is apparently coming to KL in late September. This month though? How about finding some new up and coming Malaysian acts to see? The music scene out here is thriving recently! Try performances at places like The Bee. This is such an easy way to just relax and unwind during the last two weeks of heat and haze.

3. Watch all the superhero movies.
Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Judge Dredd ….what else? Catch them all!

4. Call in sick to work.
This one may be ever so slightly touchy. Sometimes its a good way to just spend time by yourself, go to the mall, wander about, read magazines and chill.

5. Let your hair down and dance in your house by yourself.
I’m pretty sure everybody does this. I hope so. Or else I look like a complete nerd with this suggestion.

6. Hang out at a mamak till the sun rises.
Get a bunch of your friends and just chill and chat the night away. Its nice to bond like this!

7. Go swimming in someone’s pool.
I do NOT mean a random stranger’s pool! If you DO plan on doing this, CultureRun is NOT responsible! Rather, find a friend who has a pool, have a pool party! Bring out the snacks and suntan lotion!

8. Get out of town.
Refer to above”Go to the beach” point.

9. Throw a bbq.
Meat. Drinks. Friends. Enough said.

10. Go on an internet hiatus.
Take some time for yourself and disconnect. Plus, isn’t life just so much better during the summer? Talk to people, meet friends and just get out!

11. Tell your crush that you like them
Take your crush out for some Summer Lovin’.

12. Spend time with your family.
Isn’t it nice being around people who love you? Plus, as I write this, this is the season of raya and merdeka! Food, open houses and celebrations. Spend some of it (at least) with your family!  

13. Be HAPPY.
Just smile. The sun is out (even behind all the haze). A smile really does brighten things.

14. Eat.
This last week before September approaches is all about the Raya season and Merdeka celebrations which of course for us Malaysians just means …food. Lots of it.

15. Attend Culturerun Shareshops.
Of course I had to add this in here! We have been working very hard to bring you a whole lineup of new and exciting new classes to attend! Some of them are a complete novelty so keep your eye peeled out for them!

16. Learn a new skill.
An instrument, a language, a dance, art…anything really! Summer is all about just trying new things and whilst there may be only a week left of it, you could use it to start the beginning of the learning process!

17. Read a book.
Some of our recommendations?
Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link. For those who still enjoy fairy tales.
Heaven is for Real
by Todd Burpo. A story about a little boy which inspires all.
The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. Read it before the movie comes out!

18.  Make a list of resolutions for September. 

19. Say hello to an old friend.
Start the fall season off with reacquainting yourself with old friends. Its always fun to catch up, bond and re-connect with the past!

So get out there and make some memories of your holidays! As the saying goes: ‘Only the boring are bored.’

NEW FEATURE: Clone a ShareShop!

Looking to repeat or conduct a similar ShareShop you have done previously?

With our new Clone A Class tool you can duplicate a previous ShareShop, saving you the hassle of having to recreate a whole new ShareShop.

Just  go to My Shareshops on the top right corner -> Teaching and click the ‘Clone this class’ button below the ShareShop listing!

So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the learning love! 🙂


Do Some Different Campaign Recap

Our Do Something Different campaign recently came to an end with a bang and a flurry of tears. Actually it was more like a chorus of giggles and smears of cupcake icing. Our final DSD Weeknight event, the Supper Cupcake Party, was the perfect way to end what has been an incredibly fun and busy campaign. There was laughter and campy photobooth pictures.

It is sad that the campaign is over and that our weekend and weeknights are no longer packed with events, but I think it’s safe to say that the ultimate goal of this campaign has been reached. We have made new friends, learned new things with them and it’s been a fun ride every step of the way.

Our DSD campaign kicked off with weekend ShareShops. Here are some of our favourite moments.

Then we moved from weekends to weeknight events!

We thank every one of our teachers, venues and participants for being a part of the campaign. Do Something Different started out as an initiative to inspire young Malaysians yet it is you who has inspired us to keep doing what we do and to keep the learning love alive!

 The campaign has ended but we have got a slew of new ShareShops coming your way. If you would like to teach a ShareShop click here! If you are interested in offering your venue to be a pop-up classroom click here!

In the meantime, enjoy the moments, count your breaths and keep moving forward! Cheers!

Weekend Fun!: The Marvel Movie Primer

Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to be an all-knowing Marvel fan. Most of what I know about Marvel characters come from their movie adaptations, House of M and Civil War.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel movies!

This time last year, I pulled up a YouTube video of The Avengers trailer for a friend, who oohed and aahed over her engineering textbook before frowning. “That looks a lot like Iron Man.” Cue facepalm.

But it’s friends like these for whom I’ve written this post. Just because some people aren’t into Marvel as much, doesn’t mean they should miss out on the fun trivia that the rest of us spot in the movie theatre, right?

I wanted to name this post Things You Should Know to Enhance Your Marvel Movie Experience but that seems a bit long for a blog title. So I went with something that sounded more obnoxious.

1. Look out for ‘easter eggs’ hinting of other superheroes in the movies!
The people at Marvel are genius at baiting their fans by sprinkling easter eggs in their movies.

Read more here.

2. Stan Lee is ALWAYS present in a Marvel movie (except X-Men: First Class)
One of my favourite questions after watching a Marvel movie is: did you spot Stan Lee? Stan Lee is the creator of many Marvel superheroes including – and not limited to – Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and he loves doing cameos in their movie adaptations.

3. X-Men: First Class practically ignores X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
I know some people really like X-Men 3, but Matthew Vaughn, the director of X-Men: First Class, is not one of them.

In the beginning of X-Men 3, we see a ‘young’ Professor Xavier walking into Jean Grey’s house to recruit her. At the end of Origins, Xavier is there again, standing in front of a helicopter, ready to welcome the mutant escapees. Yet, at the end of X-Men: First Class, which chronologically takes place before Origins and X-Men 3, Charles Xavier has very obviously lost the ability to walk.

4. You think X-Men: First Class is rather… bromance-y? You have no idea.
You know how everyone kept making fun of X-Men: First Class because of all the ‘feelings’ flying between Professor X and Magneto? There is a scene that is cut out from the movie because the production team thought it was rather – kinky. They were right.

You can watch the deleted scene here.

5. No matter what your boyfriend says, Wolverine is not part of the original X-Men team.
The original X-Men team consisted of: Cyclops (Scott Summers), Iceman (Bobby Drake), Beast (Hank McCoy), Angel (Warren Worthington III), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), and Professor X.

6. Chris Evans plays two different superheroes in the Marvel movie universe.
He plays Captain America, and Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm.

7. Why Spider-Man isn’t in The Avengers.
There is an argument floating around saying that it’s because poor ol’ Peter Parker isn’t a founding member of the Avengers, which could very well be the case. From my point of view, however, it’s because the Spider-Man movie franchise is currently owned and distributed by Sony, while the Avengers ensemble are under the Marvel-Disney umbrella.

Similarly, the studio cannot include members of the X-Men in Avenger films because the X-Men franchise is currently owned by 20th Century Fox. FYI, Magneto’s children, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, were early members of the Avengers.

8. Remember the eight-legged horse Odin rode in Thor? That’s Loki’s baby.
According to Norse mythology, Loki slept with a stallion called Svaðilfari and gave birth to the eight-legged horse known as Sleipnir. Apparently this isn’t surprising because Loki is a Frost Giant. Frost Giants have only one gender, meaning they are both male and female. I’m not even kidding.

9. A is for aesir. Y is for Jotun.
The people of Thor’s realm, Asgard, are called the aesir. The Frost Giants of Loki’s birthplace, Jotunheim, are called the jotun (pronounced yoh-den). To them, Earth is realm called Midgard and we Earthlings are Midgardians.

and finally…

…because there is usually an extra scene!

Get your money’s worth, people!

Do Something Different Campaign: End

What excites your spirit, and makes life an adventure for you? Do Something Different, challenge yourself everyday, try something new, be curious and don’t ever be afraid to explore the world around you.

A very big thank you to everyone who was involved with our campaign! We couldn’t have done it without you!