It’s SALE time!


We humans are the celebrators of arbitrary numbers. We celebrate the Jubilee year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, make a big fuss over the 21st birthday of our peers, and now at CultureRun, we are celebrating nearly getting 1,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

Trust me, it’s a big deal for us because it shows us that you guys like us about as much as we like you! 😀

To commemorate this event, we’re holding a Countdown Sale! This is your chance to get tickets for our exclusive DSD Weeknights for cheaper!

Registration is opening at 7.30pm tonight (13/7) so keep your eye on the time and fingers on those keypads.

Tonight, we are giving away discounted tickets for:

Guerilla Craft Night (17 July, Tuesday)
Cocktail Masterclass (18 July, Wednesday)
Speed Social (20 July, Friday)
Supper Cupcake Party (26, Thursday)

Jump in on this chance to make your own homemade gifts, design and taste some unbelievable cocktails, find that special friend you’ve been wanting to meet, be a cupcake artisan, and just have some fun with us!

By the way, to thank the lovely people who have already signed up for our Shareshops, we are giving those lucky ducks goodies for free! We will be emailing you tonight you tell you what you won! Look forward to it!


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