Teacher Tuesday: Victor Khoo

Victor Khoo is a fashion designer with over a decade of experience in the fashion world. He is teaching a ShareShop on How to Dress According to Your Body Shape?

“Keep it simple and don’t overdress,” Victor typed back when I asked him for a fashion tip. “Effortless style is key.”

To me, that sounds rather like an oxymoron. Fashion is one of those things you either understand or don’t. Most of us probably don’t even know if we’re doing it right or have given it up as a lost cause. For Victor, however, fashion is a life-long love.

Victor is a Malaysian fashion designer. Now those are three words you don’t hear together very often, are they? Wanting to break into fashion in a large business-oriented society is so rare it’s almost quixotic. In fact, according to Victor, fashion designing was an unknown profession twenty years ago. So how did he end up being a fashion designer?

“I had a big argument with my family,” he revealed.

Ironically, it was Victor’s family who inspired him in the first place. As early as age five, Victor remembered getting up and watching his mom browse through her wardrobe, asking Victor what he thought about this outfit or that one. The type who took her son along to shopping trips and tailor visits, Victor’s mom remained his inspiration. “She’s a stylish dresser till today.”

His grandmother also unwittingly encouraged him; telling him stories of what her people wore in the old days. She was a Penang Nonya and was always dressed in beautiful traditional outfits in the old photographs.

Despite his family’s protests, Victor went to study fashion design in the United Kingdom. He has since worked in the London fashion industry for over a decade, worked as a lecturer in Fashion Design at Shanghai’s Raffles Design Institute, served as a Fashion Coordinator Officer for a German fashion retailer, and produced his own collection with Stella Luna among other things. Not too shabby, now is it?

Victor’s story adds testimony to the ever-growing cliche of ‘going against your parents’ wishes to pursue your passion and lovin’ it!’. But while we may encounter this cliche enough times to take it lightly, Victor also reminds that the chasing of one’s passion is not an endeavour to be taken lightly.

“If you have a dream and a talent, don’t ignore it,” he agreed. “But you need to fight till the very end to get what you really want for your life. I am always a fighter.”

CHECK OUT Victor’s CultureRun ShareShop on How to Dress According to Your Body Shape?


Tuesday Lists: CultureRun Destresses

Whilst browsing Pinterest (does anyone else love this as much as we do?! Follow us at www.pinterest.com/culturerun!) I came across this…

I, unfortunately, suffer from SEVERE OCD that causes me to stress out a little unnecessarily at times. Think frantically waving hands, palpitations, a high pitched voice; it is not pretty people. It is NOT pretty.

It came to me then. Are there other people out there like me? If you think about it, Malaysia is a seemingly relaxed country – what with our countless of food outlets, malls and mamak stalls. Yet lurking underneath it all is an undeniable level of tension caused by…and allow me to be slightly biased here… our traffic jams. They are enough to cause an anxiety attack. No seriously.

So how can we destress after a long day of working, eating, drinking and of course driving? I went to our CultureRun team to get THEIR ideas on how to destress …. Some of our members have very, shall we say, diverse ways to distress.

Suwen Low

  • Singing and playing songs on her guitar
  • Cycling in the dark
  • Late night walks – NOT in Malaysia (unless heavily armed with pepper spray?!)
  • Much like Friends’ Monica she loves to cook and disinfect things or surfaces.
  • Watching Kung-Fu movies
  • Cutting of ALL forms of social media
  • Turning off her phone, computer etc.

Suzen Low

  • Playing Nikki Minaj on her ukelele – our co-founder is QUITE the rapper (WeiLi can testify to this)
  • Gardening – unless she discovers a certain plant has been removed from its place and/or killed/died…it becomes a more stressful venture in these cases.
  • Watching films
  • Rubbing her adorable shih tzu – Fei Zhai. Dogs are ALWAYS good for destressing.
  • Going for tea, having tea, making tea, drinking tea, buying teapots…anything involving tea.

Akmal Fikri 

  • Playing video games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Our CTO has a very easy, good old fun way to unwind.
  • Harmonizing with people in the office (Our CTO is quite the boy band singer)

Sook Jing Lee 

  • Ever so overwhelmed with the countless demands our team puts on her (we ARE nice about it people!) Jing loves to eat or read a good book.

WeiLi Ng 

  • Reading a good book – her most recent recommendation? “The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes.
  • Listening to rock music. “Hurricane”  is one of her preferred songs.
  • Really long walks – again, perhaps not so much in KL. Does anyone else wish we could freely do this here?!
  • Jamming on her guitar and dancing naked around her room (thank you for the extra information WeiLi)
  • She also likes to pretend that she is a knight on a quest to save the world. WeiLi is an odd one. Yet we love her all the same!

Serena George

  • Rearranging things – for example rearranging my bookshelf so that the books are arranged into topics, or even my closet so that it is organized according to color and style. Please do not judge me. I find it very therapeutic.
  • Karaoke – you should hear me sing 7 things I hate about you and Rolling in the deep! The emotion is very real.
  • Yoga – I think it is the only time I am genuinely at … SOMEWHAT peace. 🙂
  • Talking – think I’m quiet? Think again. Once I start, I cannot stop.
  • Writing – an alternative to the above.
  • Playing with my dog. Zach may be tiny, but his happiness is infectious.

Do you have any alternatives to our methods? Let us know in the comments below!!

Auntie Jing Does Not Approve

Aunite Jing Does Not Approve

The Culturerun team sporting the ‘Auntie Jing does not approve!’ face.

Once upon a time the CultureRun team got a little rowdy in a meeting. They are an excitable bunch. Thus emerged ‘Auntie Jing’ the most self contained of us all, she keeps us in check in our meetings with her waggy finger of disapproval. Sometimes we think she may be more effective than the Jar of Redemption!

ps: Auntie Jing is in coral! She’s our resident designer.

Viral Wednesday #5 : Blast From The Past – Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy

A little blast from the past, we have a viral video back in 2008 where a really chubby kid singing Cuppy Cake song. Here’s the video :

His name is Sam Allred. I know what’s going on in your head. ‘What the hell did the kid ate until became that chubby?’ Apparently he has a rare kidney disease and he had to inject some hormones in his body, which caused the chubby cheeks.

Right after his booming popularity, he wrote a book (Opening Hearts) and gone on tour around the US to spread awareness the different kinds of illness or disabilities that plague many kids.

The original song was sang by Amy Castle when she was 3 years old. Here is the original video of that song :

Do you have any adorable videos that you watched? Share them here at the comments below!

It’s SALE time!


We humans are the celebrators of arbitrary numbers. We celebrate the Jubilee year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, make a big fuss over the 21st birthday of our peers, and now at CultureRun, we are celebrating nearly getting 1,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

Trust me, it’s a big deal for us because it shows us that you guys like us about as much as we like you! 😀

To commemorate this event, we’re holding a Countdown Sale! This is your chance to get tickets for our exclusive DSD Weeknights for cheaper!

Registration is opening at 7.30pm tonight (13/7) so keep your eye on the time and fingers on those keypads.

Tonight, we are giving away discounted tickets for:

Guerilla Craft Night (17 July, Tuesday)
Cocktail Masterclass (18 July, Wednesday)
Speed Social (20 July, Friday)
Supper Cupcake Party (26, Thursday)

Jump in on this chance to make your own homemade gifts, design and taste some unbelievable cocktails, find that special friend you’ve been wanting to meet, be a cupcake artisan, and just have some fun with us!

By the way, to thank the lovely people who have already signed up for our Shareshops, we are giving those lucky ducks goodies for free! We will be emailing you tonight you tell you what you won! Look forward to it!

Viral Wednesday #4 : Thor Meme

Thor is one of the most charismatic superhero character in Marvel Universe. He already have one movie on his name and the popular The Avengers. To remember his contribution in the movie, internet fans turned creative where they put their favourite hero in memes. There are several memes going around since the movie screening but it’s only these two months the Thor Memes are booming especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

I was researching what is the first meme (the ones that inserting Thor word in a meaningful word, eg : Thor-rid) that was created but I can’t seem to find it. But I do believe that one of he earliest would be this :

Courtesy of weknowmemes.com

The only rule for the meme to fall into the thor meme is you must edit any image and make sure the Thor face is included in the image and the Thor word is in the meaningful word, to make it funny. Here are some of them, most of them coming from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines :

Courtesy of weknowmemes.com

Courtesy by weknowmemes.com




And my personal favourite :

Courtesy of 9gag.com

Which one is your favourite? If you have ones that are funnier, please comment the image here.

CultureRun Remix: How I Met Your Mother

Ever thought about what your favorite TV characters would be doing in real life? Well, here at CultureRun, many of our team meetings are spent digressing onto such exhilarating and stimulating conversations. A recent one involved what would the characters on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER be doing/attending in reality.

Of course, they had to include our Upcoming ShareShops 🙂



Always on the lookout for Mrs. Moseby…or even a LINK to Mrs. Moseby, Ted would be thrilled to find out about our Man’s Guide to Women: Making a Great First Impression ShareShop. His over enthusiasm would bubble into him trying on a variety of outfits – including the horrendous red cowboy boots – to settle on the perfect first date outfit (a requirement for attending the class).

He would be the first one there, the first one with his hands up asking questions and he would most probably be taking feverish notes.All of which he would relay back to the gang at MacLaren’s. His excitement would be utterly unbounded when he discovers the DSD Speed Social and he would be all over it like a giraffe to juicy green leaves (ignore the odd comparison, thanks). Spruced up, nervous, and probably with a few key pointers from his previous ShareShop on meticulously printed notecards stuffed into his blazer pocket, Ted would rock up – cool hipster look on point. He’d probably even practice his ‘uber-cool architectural did-you-knows and jokes on the gang before leaving.

Obviously, none would find them amusing.





Never one to pass up the opportunity to test out new pick-up lines or finish a “challenge”, Barney would be wherever there were the most girls – capitalizing on the numbers and knowing there would be a win in the end. The Supper Cupcake Party  would be the perfect event for him. Pretending (or shockingly knowing everything after thoroughly reading up on it) to know everything their is to know about cupcakes and cupcake decorating, Barney would probably be the first one signed up and there suited up and pink apron in tow. Of course, with overflowing enthusiasm and compassion.

It would be Legen-wait-for-it ….. DAIRY.


Robin’s ultra competitive spirit would probably motivate her to do something different after a long day at World Wide News. The Giant Boardgame Night would be right up her alley. Trying to rally up the gang to compete as a team in the Giant Jenga competition would be a mission in itself what with Lily and Marshall’s recent tiny addition to the brood, but her determination would win over all.

They may, however, end up with slight (loving) loathing towards her by the end of the night. That Canadian fighter in her may push a few wrong buttons here and there.

Lily & Marshall:

What with their new little tyke Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen (is that legendary or questionable – the vote goes to you!), Lily and Marshall would probably have their hands full with diapers, pacifiers, all nighters and baby wipes. Lily’s anger management issues and Marshall’s panic issues would no doubtedly create an atmosphere of stress and tension. What better way to unwind than to attend a relaxing night of craft, community and creativity at our Guerrilla Craft Night. My guess is Marshall would surprise Lily with this to help calm her down (and perhaps make his life much easier). Using her art background, Lily would be there instantly geared up and ready to make the best craft seen to mankind. She may possibly be one of the most competitive, alpha-females on TV today.

Meanwhile poor little Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen would be left alone with Ted and Robin whose babysitting skills make even a 5 year look competent of taking care of a baby. Robin’s knowledge of barnyard animals and Ted’s bewilderment would result in an amusing yet worrying episode. If only someone would film that. 😉

The Whole Gang:

Ah MacLaren’s. Home to the round table discussions about Barney’s latest challenge, Ted’s newest girl crush/problem, Lily’s latest master plan, Robin’s more often than not unappreciated Canadian praises and Marshall’s drunken escapades. Alcohol seems to be at the crux of the group – it helps them through the tough, the bad, the good and the amazing. It is no wonder then, that the Cocktail Masterclass would provide the perfect backdrop for the gang to do something different (ahem. see what I did there?). Unaccustomed to actually mingling with OTHER social groups *gasp*, the gang would turn up undeniably late – probably due to some catastrophe little Marvin had, a suit related catastrophe with Barney (either that or he saw his newest challenge and ran after her) or…well they were just chilling in MacLaren’s and took about half an hour to actually leave. They would awkwardly stand around before Barney, yet again, spots his newest seemingly unattainable target and flies off to mix a round of what he would probably call “The Barnster” cocktail to woo his victim. Lily and Marshall would excitedly get involved in the mixology education … and more importantly, the actual drinking. We would not be surprised if they drank a little more than their fair share! Meanwhile Robin would have probably been swept by some unsuspecting guy in the corner whilst Ted would be left to make awkward chitchat with the person(s) on either side of him.

To be fair, the whole gang would return to MacLaren’s later that night and breathe a sigh of relief to plunge into the not-so-soft cushions of their booth whilst remarking on the enjoyable experience of the ShareShop.


Amused? Which tv show/character would you like to see us analyze next? Comment below! 🙂