CultureRun attends Big Big Weekend Launch, Digi WWWOW Awards, Do Something Good

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From amazing buffets of fancy smancy fine dining food and free flowing whisky/champagne to eating meehoon on a pavement and being in the same room as some of the top bloggers in town, to supporting our friends at Tandemic on their volunteering platform as they encourage celebrities like Amber Chia and Daphne Iking to do something good, we are truly blessed to be able to be a part of so many amazing things happening in Kuala Lumpur lately.

A Big Thank you to the B.I.G Group for feeding us well and entertaining us wonderfully at their BIG BIG Weekend Launch party – our favourites were the truffle scrambled eggs, wagyu beef, spaghetti, special sake Belvedere cocktails, truffles and macaroons. And of course being part of CultureRun we couldn’t leave without learning something new, so a stop at the Whisky bar for a quick lesson on aged Whiskys – how to drink and appreciate one was extremely delightful!

Next up was the DIGI WWWOW awards, where Su-Zen’s guess that they were going to serve meehoon was right on the dot! Dressed well enough to impress we ate beehoon on the pavement, grabbed a free chatime drink and a karipop (from our friends at Urban Village) before heading into see if we won Google’s Internet For Good Award. We didn’t win, but hey, Top 5 is pretty awesome still! Our favourite part of the show was the little girl presenter, the inappropriate videos just before the announcers came out and our friends friendlyfashion winning Best Online Shop 🙂

Do Something Good is a volunteering platform that was just launched today. The crew at Tandemic has been putting in much hard work into this and I personally am a fan of what they are doing! We were more than happy to attend their launch today and support this wonderful platform that encourages easy access to volunteering. Met many familiar faces there, and made some new friends along the way as well 🙂


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