How To Teach A CultureRun ShareShop


Nook is the hidey hole where CultureRun is based, and where you will find us

Can’t wait to offer classes on CultureRun? Well we can’t wait either!

Join the CultureRun team for a free How to Teach A ShareShop shareshop tomorrow at our HQ in Nook, Bangsar.  Where we will be talking about this community marketplace we’re building and teach you how to design a fantastic ShareShop!

You’ll learn:

  1. How to plan a ShareShop, write a description, and how to prepare for it.
  2. Tips to teach the CultureRun way, what venues are suitable for your ShareShop.
  3. What makes a good ShareShop? Would people be interested in what you have to say?
  4. How to create an atmosphere in your ShareShop thats friendly and open
  5. Our community guidelines

There will also be former CultureRun teachers on hand to share their secrets on best teaching practices and how to conduct a successful ShareShop. You’ll leave the office feeling confident about your curriculum, arranging logistics, marketing and creating your ShareShop profile on our site.

Bring any materials you’ll need to write down your ideas (notebook, pen, laptop, etc).

So looking forward to seeing you there!

Viral Wednesday #1 : Introduction and Zombie Apocalypse

Hello my fellow minions!

My name is Akmal Fikri and I will be starting my own weekly series (which I need to fulfill because of my KPI) about what’s the latest thing going viral. I should have started last week, but I was too busy lying around answering emails for clients and poking other peoples’ noses.

Viral Wednesday will probably be an article, a youtube video…anything as long as it’s viral.

Before we start this series, I would like to define: What is viral?

Googled it and I have this for an answer : An image, video, advertisement etc. that is circulating rapidly on the Internet. So technically, anything that is related to the internet that has been circulated rapidly, is viral. Offline content is not counted.

This week we will be looking at something I think you guys already know,
the Zombie Apocalypse

Is it true? Is it a hoax? Here are some news video clippings related to the zombie incident :

‘Experts’ blamed “bath salts” as the reason people are eating other people’s faces. Bath salts is a drug that will cause ‘Users to experience extreme paranoia, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, extremely high body temperature, sleep deprivation, vivid hallucinations, enhanced strength, hostility and aggression‘ (taken from ).

And now there is another twist to the incident where there are claims saying that the real reason of these incidents are that the so-called ‘zombies’ are staff of a former lab where they are testing a virus – a virus that can cause ‘zombie like’ behavior. Is this true? If so, why wouldn’t there be more information?
Are we ready for the zombie apocalypse?