Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up! Instead of scrambling about in a fit of manic panic trying to decide what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, and ending up with a fistful of limp daisies and a book you’re not quite sure she’ll ever read. (Yes, we know it’s the thought that counts)

How about treating her to a new and skill enriching experience!

OUR: TOP 7 Shareshop ideas for the loveliest lady in your life!

For the Crafty Mum’s

Handmade Fabric flowers
What woman doesn’t love flowers? Instead of buying her flowers that will eventually wilt, enroll your mum for this fun Shareshop where she will learn to make gorgeous handmade fabric flowers, and turn them into accessories that will last a lifetime. 

For the tech curious

Photoshop 101: Basic Editing
If your mum is an ipad toting, gadget friendly sort, give her a useful skill gift she’ll truly appreciate! In this Shareshop she will learn all the skills needed to photoshop and edit her own photos. She will probably think it’s the coolest thing ever and all your family holiday photos will most likely end up undergoing an intensive makeover.

For the Groovy Mommas

Introduction to Swing dancing
If your mum grew up in the 50s and 60s, what better way to let her relive the good ol days with some swing dancing lessons! The nostalgic and fun loving vibe is fantastic and is sure to be a hit, with 40s and 50s themed dress being highly recommended! 😉

For the entrepreneurial business woman

Exhilaration and Exasperation of Entrepreneurship
Is your mum passionate and driven? Has she always wanted to, or already has started her own business. This ShareShop will offer her insight and advice to starting and building a business. As well as providing a good opportunity for her to network and gain inspirational support.

For the soulful and expressive

Argentine Tango
If your mum is the sort of woman unafraid to express herself. This beautiful and exotic dance will surely capture her heart. Due to its sensual nature, and the unique connection between the couple, it makes for a brilliant couple ShareShop.

For the artistic and creative

Trade your Camera for a Pen: Be A Speed Sketcher
Is your mum a fan of all things creative and artsy? This sentimental ShareShop is a perfect gift to help foster her creativity. In this relaxed and inspring environment, she will learn how to capture her memories in a unique and personal way: through pen and watercolours.

For the stage mum aka. drama queen

Introduction to Acting
Is your mum a bit of the dramatic sort? Does she tend to act out day to day stories with much gusto and passion, or hold secret dreams of being on stage or on screen? Release the inner diva in her with this crash course Introduction To Acting taught by established screen and stage actor Michael Chen. You never know, she might just land her first starring role!

All Shareshops are under the Do Something Different Campaign. Purchase CultureRun Point Packages: The more you learn, the less you pay!

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