History’s Strangest Inventions

Amphibious Bicycle
A land and water bike that could carry a load of 120 Pounds. Paris, 1932

Try, create and discover new things no matter how odd or curious 🙂
Do Something Different


Weekday ShareShops

Not sure what to do during the weekdays?
Check out our list of fun weekday ShareShops in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to make your days a little more interesting.

Quick Sketching:                 Swing Dancing:                           Why Gold, Why Silver?
Street Portraits                       Learn how to Lindy Hop                 Gold and Silver Investing


National Poetry Month

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
– John Keats (Ode On A Grecian Urn)

Bright Star, Jane Campion

Hooray! It’s National Poetry Month! Who’s your favourite poet?

It’s OK to make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to explore, to discover and reach for what you believe in. Be a doer and never fear. It is sometimes through mistakes that one encounters great ideas.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

Want to Do Something Different?

For the next 3 months CultureRun will be launching DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, a social campaign to inspire people to reclaim their ordinary weekends and weeknights by turning it into an opportunity to learn and experience something new.

And we are on the lookout for awesome people to teach a class or two during this campaign.


We’d like you to teach or recommend someone else who you think could teach a subject on any of the categories below.

*To teach or recommend someone, fill out this form*

Topics We Want Teachers For: 

Do Something Different !

Kuala Lumpur, April 12th 2012,: The Do Something Different (DSD) initiative is a social campaign that aims to put out  a different activity based on a unique theme every week for three months.

Organised by CultureRun, the Do Something Different campaign intends to inspire young Malaysians to learn or try something new and exciting every week.  The initiative is one that was created after realising the lack of new activities for young Malaysians.

The campaign will be held between 12th May to 15th July. It will start off with DSD weekends with different classes being hosted every weekend around different themes. This will start off with “Life Skills” on the weekend of 12th May. Other themes include Music, Dance & Fashion, Arts, Language and Culture, Food & Drinks and Bringing KL to life, to name just a few. These classes will all be charged at a flat rate of RM50.

27th June will see the onset of DSD weeknights, which will be, targeted more at young working professionals with shorter easygoing classes/activities. The themes for these nights vary from film screenings, guerilla craft night, Giant board games and even a speed dating night. The cost for the DSD weeknights will vary and has yet to be confirmed.

The campaign will end on 14th & 15th July 2012 with Social Awareness weekend – with organizations such as Change Your World & Loyar Burok currently confirmed to conduct workshops/talks. The days will include performances and entertainment. The idea is to create consciousness of the issues affecting Malaysia & the world today, encouraging young Malaysians to take action. Entry to the events on these days will be free of charge.

Tickets for DSD weekends & weeknights can be purchased through www.culturerun.com and absolutely no walk-ins will be permitted. There will also be packages available for purchase, as well as discounts for students.

Going with CultureRun’s aim of bringing together people from all walks of life, through common interests and passions, a portion of the tickets will be available for sponsorship to sponsor youths from dysfunctional families to attend these workshops/classes.

All classes will be held across Kuala Lumpur at a number of venue partners. Chatime Galleria, The Bee and Tea Republic have all been confirmed, with more to follow.

The hope behind DSD is to foster new interests and hobbies. CultureRun hopes to help young Malaysians lead a more active learned lifestyle through the discovery of new passions. Beyond the end of campaign, they will be able to pursue these interests through the CultureRun platform by sharing or learning new skills and activities.

For more information, to buy tickets, sponsor a youth, host a class or to even offer your skill in teaching a ShareShop, kindly contact Su-Wen at 012-2290787 or suwen@cultureyard.com.my.

More information can be found on the website – www.culturerun.com.


Culture Run is an up and coming new business designed towards promoting social and community development through the sharing of skills, ideas and passions. Through such ‘ShareShops’, participants have the opportunity to gain skills they might have otherwise not had the chance to acquire. Meeting people, having a blast and creating new social links are the inevitable after effects of these ShareShops, geared towards peer-to-peer learning and ‘giving learning back to the community’.

Mainly web based through their website http://www.culturerun.com, Interested individuals can conduct and participate in ShareShops encompassing a wide range of categories, including cooking, games and hobbies, music, sports and fitness, and more. The skillsharing that is involved in these ShareShops facilitates the exchange of knowledge in an easy, enjoyable and collaborative way.

Culture Run’s main aim is to “make learning a lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur” with such ShareShops being conducted in the real world in an array of venues across the Kuala Lumpur area. The website provides a platform for the local community to share their knowledge and creativity with one another; a community marketplace of sorts through which any individual has the opportunity to indulge in the curiosity of learning new skills and ideas.

Culture Run creates a communal environment far from that of an educational institution – a novel idea that is sure to create waves across the Kuala Lumpur scene.


Meet our Teachers – Ming Pang

“You do it because it brings you joy.” – Ming Pang

Upcoming ShareShops:

An Introduction to Swing Dancing (April 23)

Meet Ming Pang, our latest teacher to share her passion for swing-dancing with the Kuala Lumpur community. Full of life, passion and drive, Ming, when asked to describe herself answered with “Malaysian-born, Australian-bred. A regular kind of banana. Struggling to improve my mandarin.” No doubt, her quirky wit and sense of humour is what keeps her up beat and positive about life and her passion. Ming has been dancing since the age of 11 and her responses show us exactly how much years of training and dancing have shaped her into the person she is today.

1. What got you first interested in swing dancing and was this something you were always interested in and knew you wanted to pursue? 

I loved that music even before I knew it was called “swing”. And I LOVED the outfits. No point doing something that doesn’t have outfits. I was lucky enough that my teacher Sing Lim had started swing in SIngapore- the first and for many years the only swing in Southeast Asia. Swing’s not really something you “pursue”. It’s not in the spirit of the community to be so…ambitious? You do it because it brings you joy. Then one proper swing-out (which could be months down the line) is the gateway drug to more. 

Then suddenly you find yourself serving ice-cream to Russians in swing mecca. Least that’s how it happened for me. I am really not joking about that part.