Introducing: Meet our Teachers – Chin Keat Loong

When there is a need, there will be a path. As a veteran jewelry researcher, I never attended any classes yet the world is my classroom.”

ShareShops taught:

SilverSmithing: Make A Sterling Silver Pendant (March 25th and April 1st)
SilverSmithing: Make Your Own Diamond Ring

Meet Chin Keat Loong, jewelry maker and an avid Physics lover at heart.

Chin, originally from Jinjang, Kepong, comes from a computer science physics background. It was not until 2001 that Chin discovered his knack for jewelry making. He has since spent countless hours and effort researching the art and the science behind the making of these pieces. The classes Chin has conducted have all been a resounding success – his enthusiasm share his passion resonates within his teaching. A remarkable individual, Chin is an inspiration to us all that no matter what our background, we can always pursue and follow something that excites us.

1. What got you first interested in jewellery making and was this something you were always interested in and knew you wanted to pursue?

When I first jumped into my brother’s jewelry factory in 2001, I thought that everyone would like to make something for themselves but how many could persevere to the end. Mastering fundamental goldsmithing skills has a lot of hardships and it took me 9 months to be a master in all the fundamental skills which began a life long learning. The more I do the more I wanted to change this industry from low technology to the most advanced and futuristic technology hence I found that the ultimate goal of jewelry making is  the MASS CUSTOMISATION – because another word for jewelry is personal playthings.

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A big warm welcome!

Exciting announcement! Say hello to to Sky Chew and Serena George our new Community Developers!

Welcome to the team!! 🙂

CultureRun started with a very simple philosophy, to create a community brought together by passions and interests, and to provide countless opportunities for people to enrich themselves intellectually, by offering learning and teaching opportunities for anyone.
We built CultureRun because we believe there needs to be a learning revolution. Our mission is to impact communities by getting people excited about knowledge, capturing their curiosity and helping them find their passions.

Enter Sky and Serena they are here to help increase the happiness index of our community (you!) and make sure that all your needs as learners, teachers and overall supporters of making learning a lifestyle here in Malaysia are met!

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