Do something Different weekend

We’re always excited whenever the weekend rolls around, but come Saturday morning, we roll out of bed and we realise that we have absolutely nothing to do for the rest of the weekend.

Instead of going for dinner and a movie, parking yourself in front of the TV, surfing the net or wandering around the shopping mall, here are our Top 5 fun Weekend Workshops in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to keep you busy and make things a little more interesting.

CultureRun’s Top 5 fun Weekend Workshops

1. Ever wanted to be Jedi-Monkey?

2 day workshop on Mental Coaching and Modern Martial Arts – RM150 for one day @ Bangsar

with Rodney King, Founder of Crazy Monkey Defense


2. Fancy a Spot of Silversmithing on a Sunday?

Silversmithing: Make Your Own Silver Diamond Ring
RM240 @ Taman Tun

with Chin Keat Loong, MC Studios

3. Looking to improve your social and networking skills ?

Building Social Confidence
– RM20 @ The Bee, Publika

with Leonard Chua

4. Tired of doing hundreds of sit ups? Shake that belly fat away

Belly Dancing Workout
– RM30 @ New Star Studios, Taman Desa

with Jenni Tan


5. Looking to pick up a new skill and meet like minded guitar enthusiasts?

How To Buy Your First Guitar – RM10 @ Publika

with Eu Jin Lee


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