What do you want to do?

My sister and me started CultureRun with these intentions:

  1. To make learning a lifestyle in Malaysia by providing something else to do besides going to the movies, lepak-ing at mamak stalls or shopping malls, clubbing/drinking (all of which are great! We do these things too).
  2. To renew the concept of learning as inaccessible, boring and tedious through making learning fun by giving the opportunity for everyone to get involved and not confine learning to educational institutions or tuition centres.

But what does that really mean for the community?
It means that beyond providing another platform for people to meet other people, to discover new places and to educate themselves every once in a while, we want to:

  1. Help those who have no passion to find their passion.
  2. Help those who already have that desire or interest but doesn’t know how to pursue it to take it the next level,.
  3. Help those who think they have no talents/skills find out what they are truly awesome at.

CultureRun isn’t only for the bored, it’s for those who haven’t found what they truly love yet, who have no idea what they want to do in life, who are/have been stuck in a course or job they just ‘fell’ into or were forced into, who haven’t had the opportunity to wholeheartedly go for it, who had passion once but had it stolen away. This is for you.

We believe that no one should go to work/school everyday and hate it. We believe in doing what you truly love. We believe in not being afraid to put your whole heart and soul into that little tug at your heart that this is for you. We believe life is more than doing your best. We believe that finding out what you love is a process. We believe life should be more than just living but living in something you can truly be proud of. We believe in purpose.

We want to hear from you now – help us out by answering the polls below and let us know where you are at right now 🙂


Do something Different weekend

We’re always excited whenever the weekend rolls around, but come Saturday morning, we roll out of bed and we realise that we have absolutely nothing to do for the rest of the weekend.

Instead of going for dinner and a movie, parking yourself in front of the TV, surfing the net or wandering around the shopping mall, here are our Top 5 fun Weekend Workshops in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to keep you busy and make things a little more interesting.

CultureRun’s Top 5 fun Weekend Workshops

1. Ever wanted to be Jedi-Monkey?

2 day workshop on Mental Coaching and Modern Martial Arts – RM150 for one day @ Bangsar

with Rodney King, Founder of Crazy Monkey Defense


2. Fancy a Spot of Silversmithing on a Sunday?

Silversmithing: Make Your Own Silver Diamond Ring
RM240 @ Taman Tun

with Chin Keat Loong, MC Studios

3. Looking to improve your social and networking skills ?

Building Social Confidence
– RM20 @ The Bee, Publika

with Leonard Chua

4. Tired of doing hundreds of sit ups? Shake that belly fat away

Belly Dancing Workout
– RM30 @ New Star Studios, Taman Desa

with Jenni Tan


5. Looking to pick up a new skill and meet like minded guitar enthusiasts?

How To Buy Your First Guitar – RM10 @ Publika

with Eu Jin Lee

SilverSmithing Step-by-Step: A diamond ring for mother

On a rainy Sunday afternoon I sat down with three other students to learn how to make a silver palladium diamond ring.

As we settled into Materialise Creativity’s cosy but very well-equipped workshop in TTDI, Chin introduced us to the different types of silver, the real tiny diamonds we were going to work with and showed how the palladium silver strips were actually created from little balls of silver.

Palladium silver we learned is actually stronger than 925 silver, and it turns a dazzling white colour when heated to a very high temperature.

What came next required a lot more energy than i was prepared to use. We spent the next few hours bending, filing, texturing, filing, polishing and setting the diamond using the same methods akin to that of Tiffany’s and Bvlgari.

The polishing of the silver is actually the most crucial part, and apparently most jewellery establishments now do this through machinery, but we got the privilege of doing our own polishing using the conventional file/sandpaper method – requiring quite a bit of strength!

I really wanted the ring to be as flawless as possible as I was to give it to my mother as her birthday present. So i spent more time polishing it to make sure the scratches I had carelessly made with the filing before were all erased! Not an easy task I realised.

Nevertheless, the end result looked pretty awesome, and after Chin helped me add a ‘pearl’ finish and drill the hole for the diamond, I sat down to set my small 0.02/3 carat diamond into a ring i proudly made.

End result? Beautiful – if i do say so myself.
Mother’s reaction? Very Very Pleased & Impressed. I told her she can brag to her friends that her daughter actually made her a silver diamond ring from scratch. How many daughters can do that? 🙂

Want to make your very own Palladium Silver Diamond Ring as well?
Check http://www.culturerun.com for upcoming ShareShops. This class will run every Sunday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm throughout all of February and March.

Class of the week

image from Image Bank

How To Talk to Strangers – a fun networking class.
Check it out here

Date: Fri, Feb 10th 2012
Time: 830pm – 10pm
Where: The Bee, Publika
Price: RM20
Teacher: Leonard Chua

From starting up conversations with a total stranger, to avoiding awkward silences halfway through, this fun networking class will teach you the tricks of how to be a great conversation starter: how to redeem undesirable social situations and how to seem more friendly and approachable, without coming across as trying too hard. But most importantly: how to simply enjoy talking with someone else and getting to know them, whatever the location, situation or relationship.

Come and meet new people, have a few laughs and perhaps learn a trick or two.

Register here on CultureRun.

For any queries or questions email hello@culturerun.com