Our beta website is up!

We’re super excited to let you know that CultureRun is now open! Join our community here.

Help Us Get The Ball Rolling

1. Share A Skill . CultureRun is a community marketplace where anyone — including you — can teach to their peers. Start a learning revolution! Unsure of what and how to teach your skill? Email hello@culturerun.com with the title ‘Pilot’ with a class idea, and our team will help you design a Pilot ShareShop.

2. Host a ShareShop. We’re looking for venues across the city, from bars to boutiques, restaurants to rooftops to join us in creating neighborhood pop-up classrooms where knowledge and creative skills will be shared. Sign up on our website and submit a venue.

3. Suggest an existing class. Have a workshop? A baking workshop in your cooking school or a bookbinding course in your studio? List it as a CultureRun ShareShop and let people know of the awesome services you are offering!

4. Recommend a teacher. There are incredibly knowledgeable people in your own community, do they have crazy awesome skills that people will love to learn? Introduce us to them. Email suzen@cultureyard.com.my with the title ‘Recommendation: <name of person> and their contact and field of expertise.

5. Raise Awareness. Help us out by spreading the word about CultureRun and be an integral part of the effort to expand and diversify the CultureRun ‘way of learning’
Ways to spread the word? Blog about us, Like us on facebook, twitter your thoughts to @CultureRun and tell your friends and family about us.

Thank you again for joining and supporting the spread of knowledge, bringing your community closer and helping us to make learning a lifestyle in your city! Let’s spread the passion together!



My Big Idea is…

Hi there! So we rounded up some fun folks to tell us what their Big Idea was, from Brain Farts to Motivating young people.
And if you haven’t already, check out our new promo video  made by the talented Sandra Tan.
Looks fun? Be inspired by the peeps in your community and be a part of the CultureRun Community:

Made by the awesome SamVun
All the people who told us what their Big Idea was.


Keep your Big Ideas Alive

Check out our new video and www.culturerun.com. We have launched!

CultureRun‘s soft launch on Friday was a blast! We were inspired by the stories and insights from Jason Lo, Winnie Loo, Rev. Elisha Satvinder, Julian Hyde, Andrew Lau and Caroline Wilson. But more importantly we were so encourage and inspired by YOU! All of you who came out with great enthusiasm and support for BIG IDEAS. It was a truly spectacular celebration of diversity, over 80 creative, passionate, and brilliant minds in one room acknowledging that creativity and big ideas can come from the most unlikely of juxtapositions.

An idea is at the heart of mankind, as human beings we are idea makers by instinct. The ability to think, to create and understand is what makes us human. So never stop dreaming, follow your interests and whatever your passion is share it with others.

Behind the scenes at Big Idea’s photoshoot

I love Big Ideas

On a balmy Thursday evening, the CultureRun Big Idea team trekked over to a studio for a Big Idea film and photo shoot.
Never underestimate the presence of camera to bring out the utter madness that ensued, and an unhealthy love for props, wigs, hats, wannabe Charlie’s Angels and bad British accents.
But it was great fun and we got to stuff Joanne in a bin too.

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