Dream Big. Innovate It. Share it.

Entrepreneurs, graphic artists,  fine artists, film makers, copywriters, environmentalists, photographers, musicians, writers, investment bankers, marketers, magicians…heck, whatever your title is, we believe that different minds, bring different perspectives and that anyone, anywhere can use more creativity and innovative solutions in whatever their field. Do you?

CultureRun’s Big Idea is a brainstorming session that brings together minds from an array of fields, from entrepreneurs to musicians, to investment bankers or filmmakers in a casual and informal environment to share and exchange their ideas. It is an opportunity to dive into a large pool of skill and expertise and learn how to apply creativity and fresh ideas into your specific fields of work or study.

This is a FREE event, aimed mostly at tertiary students, fresh graduates, and young professionals. More info click below:


Meet the Big Idea team!

We met yesterday and had a 4 HOUR MEETING (I know RIGHT!!) Well, we did eventually stop because Crystal had a tostada chip craving. But we promise that we have been working hard, and we’ve come up with some awesome stuff that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

So say a big Happy Hello! to the ‘Big Idea’ team (so far):

We have Crystal (our master of efficiency and organisation),
Serena (our editing queen) <on the right, without the tongue>
and Leonard (our awesome resource man)

Welcome onboard! My sister and I were just getting lonely, we had so much fun with you and look forward to more exciting times! Woop!
Fueled by coffee/chocolate

We’re looking for more people to be a part of ‘The Big Idea’. Interested? shoot as a message at info@culturerun.com

Help CultureRun choose a name for its ideas event!

Ok guys, so we need a bit of help choosing a name for our good ol’ ideas event next month!

Just a brief of what we plan to do to help you along:

CultureRun’s <insert potential name here> is a brainstorming session that brings together minds from an array of fields in a casual and informal environment. It gives a chance to share ideas liberally, to obtain fresh ideas for a project, receive feedback and accountability for existing ideas and hone creativity.

So vote away friends! Most votes will be the name we will use! Also if you have a better idea on what it should be called please leave a comment below.

Many Thanks!



Two motorsport deaths
. Flooding in Thailand. Earthquake in Turkey. Bridge falls in India – 32 dead. Killer shark in Australia.

The reality of life resulting in death has hit me hard after hearing all the terrible news coming from the wires lately.

And this is only scratching the surface – i’m sure there are LOTS more pain, suffering and death happening elsewhere that the news hasn’t reported on. What about child soldiers? Human trafficked slaves? Starvation? Persecution?
All of this is happening around us.
So what do we do?

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