Teacher Features: Mimpi Murni

 DIY Floral Crowns for Weddings, Bridal Showers or Parties. Register here


CultureRun’s celebration of Earth Day features two exclusive ShareShops. The first, on Saturday, April 26th, is a DIY: Earth Goddess Floral Crown ShareShop where participants will learn how to make a floral crown out of fresh flowers. We met up with the teacher of this Shareshop, event stylist, floral designer, graphic designer and owner of Mimpi Murni, Murni Roslim to learn more about her!




Tell us about your background, what is your story? 

I’ve always been making things and teaching myself new crafts as far back as I can remember with the support of my mother and creative input of my father. I think, being of mixed parentage and travelling extensively from childhood, opened my eyes to the many possibilities and beautiful things this world has to offer. I love sharing my discoveries and ideas with others.


What does Earth Day mean to you?murniblog2

Earth day, to me, is a day we all need to remember to thank Mother Nature and to repay her kindness. Preferably, this shouldn’t just be a day but practiced throughout the year!


What could we do to make the Earth a better place?

Firstly, people should stop littering! Another simple thing to practice is going meatless for one day a week.


As someone who has learned much of her craft through self-learning, what drives you to be passionate and motivated?

I am the kind of person who will try anything (within reason!) at least once and if I am really drawn to something I will keep working on it till I am happy with the outcome. Then its time to move on to another idea or project! As for motivation; simply knowing all the beautiful things were made by people just like, makes me dream of the possibilities I can achieve with my own two hands. This is motivation enough!


Tell us about the history behind Mimpi Murni and what got you interested in flower decorating. 

I started Mimpi Murni by making jewellery with vintage parts and selling them through my blog. It was faimurniblog5rly successful for something that started as a hobby and I started to consign some of my pieces through a popular e-commerce site.  When a client of ours was about to celebrate their one year anniversary with a large ecent they incited me to help them deocrate it and that, simply put, started my career in event styling which naturally led to my love for floral arranging.


Is there any motto or mantra that you live by that you would like to share with our readers?

Do not be afraid to try anything, at least once, because you might surprise yourself and most important, do not stop learning!


Interested in learning from the gorgeous Murni? Learn how to make a floral crown perfect for weddings, parties or just to add a casual bohemian touch to any outfit!  Head on over to www.culturerun.com to sign up for DIY: Earth Goddess Floral Crown! 

Changes, Progress and Updates – CultureRun is better than ever!


One year. 375 days and 8765(ish) hours. One year is a long time, its practically a lifetime in CultureRun years!  So much has happened and CultureRun has undergone some changes! We have been offline, we have been working on our website and we have come back, revamped and stronger than ever. Missed us? 🙂

We know you have 😀 (Modesty is not our forte!)

Whilst we were away we listened to your feedback  and updated features on the website to make it even easier to peruse the site and sign up for ShareShops. In case you have been living under a rock, we have come back with a completely brand new site with new features and even a brand spanking new shiny logo!  What are these new features we speak of?

1. CultureRun has always been an open platform for anyone who wants to teach a class with a passion to share their love for a certain skill. It has now become even more important for us to ensure that our ShareShops are of the highest quality, so that you, the participants, come away with an enjoyable learning experience armed with a new skill. As such, we are working towards becoming a fully curated marketplace of unique learning experiences.  All Shareshops will now be going through our Community Team first for approval before being launched on the website. Teachers can expect to hear back from our team within 48 hours with feedback and suggestions.

Coffee Painting by Hsulynn Pang

Coffee Painting by Hsulynn Pang

CultureRun has additionally decided to become more stringent in terms of what types of learning experiences we can advertise on our platform. We therefore highly discourage any get-rich quick schemes, ‘teaser’ classes, tuition sessions and product pitches as ShareShops. All ShareShops conducted must teach skills in real-life allowing participants to walk away with the knowledge of something new, interesting and useful.

2. Expanding CultureRun is now becoming a huge part of what we are focusing on right now. We are in the midst of working on more features for the website so keep an eye peeled for them in the near future! In the meantime, we are continuing to expand upon our platform that seeks to inspire emerging and established skill providers. We especially encourage skills that are unique, practical, hands-on, creative and/or real world relevant. CultureRun has begun to talent scout ourselves for upcoming new talent. Our community is one that enjoys learning skills that are different and that expand their own world. If you think you have something to share with our community then what on earth are you waiting for?! Go on and sign up on the website and contact a member of our team now! We are always happy to hear from anyone who is interested in teaching a shareshop and are more than happy to assist you in any way we can!

3. Every month CultureRun will be working with relevant, up and coming, fun and interesting brands and personalities who want to contribute to the local community. These collaborations are the CultureRun Features and are a new way for you to enjoy Learning Experiences from well respected and/or interesting people. We have thus far worked with Samantha Lee (Celebrity Instagram Food Artist), Freda Liu (Producer and Presenter of BFM), Brian Chen (Masterchef Malaysia Finalist), Marianne Tan (Youtube Actress), Jared Lee (Founder of GRIM Film) and EPIC Homes to name a few.

PicMonkey Collagelandscape

L-R: Samantha Lee, Joachim (founder of Cafe Hop KL), Freda Liu & Joshua Tong (Founder of Sixstrings)

4. Our website, if you haven’t already noticed, has undergone an extreme makeover!  Our baby has grown up and we couldn’t be more proud! New features on the website include the review system which allows users to leave reviews for teachers whether they have attended a ShareShop (referred to as verified reviews) or whether they want to review the teacher in general (referred to as unverified reviews).

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.47.57 AM

5. Teachers and participants now have a profile page that encourages users to build up their portfolio and reputation through collecting reviews after a shareshop has been taught. This allows participants to better understand their teachers and their skills. CultureRun has also installed a photo and video system on the site. Now, teachers can upload videos of themselves and their prospective shareshop to showcase their personality, skills and work! We actively encourage everyone to make these as unique and interesting as possible – think outside of the box!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.58.36 AM


So there you have it. It has been a long journey to get to this point. There have been changes within the company, the team and our lives. CultureRun has taken time to upgrade our site and our features and we hope that we continue to inspire each and every one of you to live out your dreams, learn new skills and to do something different with your time. We built up our small community back in 2011 and since then we have grown to include personalities, brands, venues, partners, participants and old friends. We have expanded our vision, tweaked a few things here and there and have gone outside our own comfort zone to provide you with the best experiences and ShareShops possible. None of this was possible without your support and participation!

You, our participants, teachers and partners have absolutely amazing and have given us the faith to continue to push CultureRun into new directions, new ventures and to new heights. You have surprised us with your faith and love in us and continue to do so daily! Meeting the teachers and participants, hearing their words of encouragement, satisfaction and love is what makes us wake up every morning with enthusiasm for the company. You are what makes CultureRun a joy to work for. As usual, we cannot thank you enough!


Learn to take your holiday with you

A late Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year my dears! How are you coping with your holiday withdrawals? Have you already started planning your next getaway so you’ve got something to look forward to? Well aside from that, I think I’ve discovered how you can prolong/call upon that holiday feeling as and when you need…intrigued? Good, but don’t get too excited, the last thing I want is to hype it up and not deliver! 🙂
Different from the other times I’ve been in New Zealand, this trip, I learnt a whole bunch of new skills, yes, they were mostly food related but I realised that they are so much more transferable than any amount of ‘stuff’ I could buy while on holiday. For example, I learnt to make pizza dough and it was so much fun and so simple that I’ll definitely be making it again…I’m sure when I’m back into the routine and hustle and bustle of regular life that it’ll give me a little getaway without even having to leave my home!
photo 2
It’s totally possible I think to find elements of your holiday that you can incorporate into everyday life and have these mini-vacation-moments…learning a new skill while you’re away is the easiest way I reckon! But of course, there are other ways…When I went away to Phuket last, I was sitting by the pool and the music blaring out of the sound system was both relaxing but catchy at the same time…I looked it up and to this day, I still play it when I need a time out after a long day.
Not a fan of new year’s resolutions but this is a general theme I’ll be taking away from my holiday this year!
What about you?
Xoxo Miss Deb

2 Days more: Have Yourself A Greeny Little Christmas


Eco friendly gift wrapped in recycled paper surround by green plants

Ditch the traditional ‘red and white’ and go green instead, this Christmas! Here are some ideas that you can start with as part of your new holiday traditions!

1. Buy locally made gifts – Check out your local street market for beautifully Malaysian handmade goods!
2. Save any special gift wrap, ribbons, and bows – You can reuse them for another occasion or stash them in your craft box.
3. Choose alternatives to commercial gift wrap – Give old comics, calendars, fabric or even maps another life.
4. Give an experience gift – Experience is totally environmentally friendly and does not create waste.
5. Re’gift’ing – Get rid of those old unused gifts from this year and the past by passing it to someone who will give it a better home and better use. It’s totally OKAY.


3 Days more: Gift Ideas for Men


We try not to neglect the male population in our community. This gift guide list include items that may not be available in Malaysia but that’s what the Internet is for! Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a wish list for the next gift-giving day.

gift men

Cool Material has a long list of really cool things for the men in your lives that even some women would want! Click here to go there!